Weird Science Carnival Ideas

I'm looking for more ideas--Does anything come to mind?  Any science will do as long as it's weird.  Simply weird will do as well.  

  1. Mad Scientist Laugh Coach.  Booth where you get advice on how to laugh like a Mad Scientist.  They practice their laugh, get some helpful tips, and leave with a Mad Scientist dialog sheet with choice Mad Scientist banter to practice.  An Oscilloscope (or a few) would work nice here.
  2. A Reverse Pick Pocket Booth  They go in and shady looking people bump into them and stuff things into their pockets.  Then we point out something we planted on them and accuse them of stealing and chase them out.  They keep the trash.  They could simply stick things to them with tape.
  3. Are You Radioactive Booth  Geiger counters will scan for radioactive patrons or packages—chose the radioactive object for prizes.  Hide a radioactive item in something simple. Is Your Boyfriend Radioactive???  Don't Kiss Him Until You're Sure!  Find Out Now!  Give out Certified Non-Radioactive and Kissable buttons or tags to those who pass.  A cloud chamber would be nice to have here.
  4. Air Cannon Arcade  Air cannon blasts cups or cutouts of a Menacing Manbearpig.  Manbearpig stickers and Excelsior stickers.  For an extra fee they can turn the air cannon on the crowd.  Smoke generator option.  Smoke ring launcher.
  5. Shock Wire Race.  Wire or metal pipe runs across a stretch of wall with hand held loops of wire with conductive handles.  Track has a electric fence generator attached to it.  Object is to move from one end to the other without getting shocked.  It could be a race or for time.
  6. Field Phone Generator Duels.  Two field phone generators--two contestants--holding onto electrodes that the other controls with their generators.  Who ever lets go first loses.
  7. The Chair Of Nails.  Sit in the chair of nails for a photo op.  No shorts or jumping on laps.
  8. Iron Filings Table.  A large plexiglas flat container filled with iron filing for huge magnet pictures.  Maybe a big moustache photo op if they can slide underneath the frame.  Or Maybe a large television underneath that has a camera to put pictures of people there to manipulate.
  9. Watch the BIG BANG Booth.  Tune an analog television to static and 1% of the static should be coming from the left over microwave radiation of the BIG BANG.  Whoa!
  10. CD Frying Booth.  Microwave Old CDs in a microwave, let them watch the light show, and give it to them.
  11. Hydrocarbon Manipulation Booth--Wax Hands Booth.  Sticking hands and fingers in wax and making casts.  Weird candle making as well.  They get to keep their creations.  Push the chemical formula of wax as a theme.  Paraffin is a C30 or so molecule.
  12. Fake Injury Booth. Instead of face painting, we will dress people up in fake bandages, fake blood stains will be a little extra. Teach them their injury in correct medicalese.
  13. Faux Hypnotism Booth: Guaranteed Cures for Imaginary Maladies--While You Wait!  Or spin the “Wheel of Foolish Tricks” to play on the subjects.  It will include items such as “squawk like a parrot when the word cracker is said” and the like. 
  14. Psychic Argument booth.  Sit down with a psychic and he will tell you what you are thinking.  When you tell him that you are not thinking that, the psychic says Yes you are and argues with you.
  15. Pendulum Flinch Booth.  Large heavy pendulum is placed on the nose and dropped.  If they do not flinch when it returns they win a prize. Make a frame for the head and an electromagnetic launcher to avoid any inconsistencies. A pressure switch that when released lights up “flinch” on the frame could determine the winner.
    A few missing teeth on the ground and a little fake blood would add to the decor.
  16. Electrostatic Keyboard Booth.   Type the Great American Novel with a static filled comb.
  17. Vortex Vending Machine--a quarter gets a small tornado and maybe a gumball--maybe.
  18. Scorpion vending machine.  Gumball machine with a live scorpion.  When you put a courter in it a voice says "So close, Try again".  Hampsters and snakes would work in ther as well.
  19. Owl Pellet Dissection--on camera and shown to crowd.
  20. Dig dinosaur decedent's bones in a pile of dirt: Old chicken and bird bones could be mixed with the dirt and they get to dig with a spoon and a brush. They get to keep the bones.
  21. Slow Marble Race--spherical magnet tracks with some metal runners and tubes to slow down the action.  A couple of options: Two tracks, one deceptively longer than the other--but two metal spheres one a magnet the other not.  Always give the magnet to the 'mark'.
  22. Tee Shirt Cannon launch through hoop/target--They pump it up and angle the cannon for the shot.
  23. Hovering beach balls and other Bernoulli effects with fans, balance them all and win!
  24. Snakes on a plane, Sit with three snakes on you with a crazed plane background for a photo op.
  25. Fill a Leyden Jar and give it to your friend.  Capacitor catch—shock ball catch.
  26. Stretch the fabric of time.  Fabric, time, you get it. 
  27. Calculate your gravitational attraction to your sweetie with the big CALCULATOR! 
  28. You’re the Scriptwriter: Write for a time delay broadcast. Choose the script and 2 hammy actors say the lines and then it is broadcast for you and your friends. Pre-written script choices can be highlighted and chosen for the actors to perform. Two people can make the choices for each actor or one person can chose for both.
  29. Time Delay Broadcast: Record yourself and wait a full five minutes before it appears on tv. Record a lovey dovey message and go and find your main squeeze then make them watch it. Descriptive endearments could be provided such as Snoggie Lumps and Stallion Boy. A director could direct the most smarmy performance. “More pouting, bigger eyes, wink!”
  30. The Time Machine:  Go back in time. Calculate the time dilation of walking fast.
  31. Techno-Rave Booth: The Dance of Technology  For tickets, you and your friends can go into a darkened booth that comes alive with strobes, light show possibly showing a Fritz Lang’s Metropolis machine loop, laser mirror ball, fans, and loud headphones (or their own earbuds). They can dance for 4 minutes to industrial music and then exit disoriented back into the carnival. Possibly set up a video feed for the inside of the booth to peek the crowds interest and to keep it clean.
  32. The Monkey Gun Booth. Call it something different. Create a falling collision booth that incorporates a person fired projectile—blow gun, etc. with an electric switch that drops an object—clay pigeon to hopefully collide in mid air. Make a really soft landing spot to be able to reuse missed targets.
  33. Laser Security Wall: For Ninjas.  Bounce a laser over an opening and the person who can contort their way through it without breaking the beam wins.
  34. Theremin Booth: Play the Theremin. (Need a Theremin)
  35. Spinning Rocket Launch: Spin a wheel and when a lever is pushed a finger rocket is launched at a target. The fun is that it could be launched in any direction including back at the contestant.
  36. Build the Giant Marble Race. 2-3 inch PVC pipes and parts to roll a ball from one place to another that they assemble.
  37. A human sized wind tunnel.  Create a wind tunnel that a person could walk through with the narrow part barely human size.  Let them experience the increase in wind and lessening of pressure.  Possibly built against a wall with sheets of plywood.  Fans and large blowers.  Vent it out side.  Variation:  build a smaller wind tunnel and place shapes with fog streaming through.
  38. Talk to the future.  A vintage phone that tells you about the future or past of the world.  Use futurerama as your source of info.
  39. Freak Show: 4 eyed monster (guy with glasses), the human calculator (a girl with a TI-84), the cat headed boy (somebody with a stuffed cat sticking out of their collar), levitating fingers (fingers that bounce from one hand to another), ...  The Barker needs to be the real freak and the "freaks" are actually normal.