Physical Science:  Snow Day Self-Paced Instruction: Space Science

The last topic we will cover in this course is The Universe. If we lose many days due to weather, we will be in danger of running out of time to adequately cover this topic. To remedy this, we will offer the book portion of The Universe as a series of assignments to be completed during the ‘snow days’ in order to make up for lost instructional time.

See Instructions Below

The State Content Standards for The Universe.

1. History of the Universe.
2. Galaxy formation.
3. Stars.

4. Earth and the Solar System.

The Corresponding Chapters in our text book are Ch 19 and 20

Chapter 19 The Solar System.

Chapter 20 The Universe

Instructions: Accomplish 1 Section of the Chapter Per Snow Day Assignment.

  1. Read the Chapter Section you have been assigned.
  2. Print the Packet, or you may have previously picked up the packet from the teacher.
  3. Fill out the 2 worksheets with the help of the textbook
  4. Turn in both when you return to school for grading.

Optional: Take the section quiz to cherck your understanding.

Chapter 19
      3 Work Packets: Each Consisting of Key Terms, Section Concept Review, and Section Quiz.  (Word Docs)

Blizzard Bag 1:      Chapter 19 Section 1
19.1 Key Terms,   19.1 Concept Review,   Optional 19.1 Section Quiz

Blizzard Bag 2:      Chapter 19 Section 2
19.2 Key Terms,   19.2 Concept Review,   Optional 19.2 Section Quiz

Blizzard Bag 3:      Chapter 19 Section 3
19.3 Key Terms,   19.3 Concept Review,   Optional 19.3 Section Quiz



  1. Chapter Vocabulary and Concept Review worksheets are to be completed with your text book and not with Google searches. They follow the chapter and put the answers in context.
  2. Optional Section Quizzes. Complete them without the use of your text book after you have read the book and completed the Key Terms and Concept Review worksheets.