3D Printing Design: SketchUp Introduction

Project 1: Name Plate from SketchUp to STL File to 3D Printed Object.

Open SketchUp from the desktop
Choose Template: Product Design and Woodworking-Millimeters Click: Start Using SketchUp

First thing I want you to do is play with the program by drawing random things and using the tools. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. Check out the instructor’s window for information. If it is not on, turn it on my checking that option under the Windows drop down menu. Familiarize yourself with the tools on the tool bar especially the Rectangle, Tape Measure, Move, Pan, Erase, Scale, Push/Pull, and Orbit tools. After playing, under File, click New to make a new project space to create your name plate.

First Project: Name Plate Project Size 80mm x 40mm x 10 mm
1. Create your Name or Initials

2. Create a Rectangular Base 80mm x 40mm x 7mm to be Your Base Plate.

3. Final Adjustment of Your Name

4. Move Your Name to the Rectangle. (Much Trickier Than It Looks)

5. Save your creation for later manipulation, and place it in your school folder.

 Now, play some more with the tools and create something even better.