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Sick or Absent for more than a Day?

I consider it your responsibility to get caught up.  I will not do this for you.  I can help, but you need to take the lead here.

There is no good way to make up for not being in class, but you can do the following to make the absence less damaging to your progress in class. 

While you are out

  1. Read the web page for your class, and take note of what we are covering and what is due in your absence.
  2. Read the sections in the chapter we are covering and answer the section review questions on paper to turn in when you return.  This may be substituted for a classroom exercise grade that you have missed.  Your book should be at home and available to you for this purpose.
  3. Get the Class Notes: Call a class friend or anybody who has me for science to get the notes for the days you were out. I often give handouts out, make a list of any you have missed. 

When you get back

  1. Pick up missing handouts and make arrangements to take any major quizzes, or make up any labs you have missed.
  2. Minor Quizzes are usually not made up unless many of them were missed.  I simply exempt them.  Exempted grades neither hurt you or help you.
  3. Major Quizzes will be made up on your return.  If you come back and we are taking the quiz, you will take it too.  Be ready for them (extended absences will be eligible for a retest). You may have to wait for the class makeup quiz--they are usually slightly harder--but you also have more time to prepare.
  4. Labs can be difficult to make up. Arrange to make them up after school when you return.  I am usually not able to devote the uninterrupted time needed to set up a makeup lab during the school day.  They take time and often involve lab procedures that require space and safety equipment and can not be accomplished in a classroom filled with students who are not doing the same thing.  Make arrangements with me when you return to do them after school.

See you when you return.

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