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Science Links (All In One Place) 


General Science Help

Finals Preparation Helpful information for my end of quarter tests.

Kahn Academy Over 2,400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

HyperPhysics from Georgia State University--Good Resource for Physics

Safety Reference

Chemical Safety (How Dangerous is that Chemical)
Flinn MSDS: Material Safety Information Search


Using Numbers and Measurements in Science

Specific Math Skills and Measurements for 9th Grade Physical Science Class   Can you do all of this for my class?

Class Handouts

Metric Prefixes as Factors of 10 Handout

Metric Staircase Conversion Handout

Significant Figures Handout

Scientific Notation Notes Handout (Word Doc) Link Repaired

Science Math Rules Worksheet (Word Doc) Complete for a study guide.

Measuring Handout Graduated Cylinder and Triple Beam Balance

Vernier Calipers Basics Handout


The Scientific Notation Scientific Notation and Significant Figures in a real clear explanation.  Good one to read.   Outside Link

Math Skills Review: Scientific Notation Outside Link

Calculating with Scientific Notation Outside Link

Vernier Calipers Applet

Micrometer Applet

Science Math Practice Worksheet

Science Math Practice Worksheet KEY

Trigonometry  Dave's Short Trig Course  Outside Link

Dimensional Analysis Practice with Metric Units

Numbers and Math Operations (from chemtutor)

Quadratic Equation Solver

Trig: Right Triangle Solver

Graph Paper to print out

The Powers of 10      Based on the movie of the same name.


Chemistry Related

Mr King's Chemistry Tips  Fast and Dirty-what you need to know in a nutshell

College Intro Chemistry Course Chapter Outlines    Just click on a chapter and the title is on top.  Most of the standard topics--good detailed notes to have.

The Chemistry of Combustion  Simple and easy to understand from a fire brigade.

s, p, d, f Orbital Names

Mr. Guch's Cavalcade O' Chemistry A fun and helpful site. Some of the worksheet links below come from this site

ChemCom Site
See the Teacher/Student Multimedia Link

Chemical Safety (How Dangerous is that Chemical)
Flinn MSDS: Material Safety Information Search

A Good Chemistry Tutoring Site

Balancing Chemical Equations Practice  Try some, there are some challenging ones.  

Chemical Skills Worksheets for practice

Molarity Problems

Molarity Tutorial and Worksheets

Stoichiometry Problems
This is good site where you can practice Stoichiometry Problems, Balancing Equations, and several other items

Flinn Chemical Demonstration Guidelines Good general info on doing chemical demonstrations.

For pictures of what many of the Chemical elements look like, check out the Wooden Periodic Table --A real interesting site.

Check Out Link to Mole Day


Physics Related

Car and Vehicle Science Experiments Wide variety of motion experiments from the simple to the complicated. Thanks Peyton Vogel!

Rob Ives Paper folding site--All sorts of mechanism and how they are made. What they do and how they work.

Graphing Calculator Tutorials for Ti81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, and 89  Matrix Arithmetic, Vectors, General Tutorials

College Physics Formula Sheet and some math facts.  The trig facts are a nice touch. 

MCAT Physics Formula Sheet  With a little more explanations than the one above.  Not bad to have in your notes.

Another College Physics Formula Sheet  Yes, they can look a little different.

The Mother of Physics Formula Sheets  8 pages of fun--actually very useful with many explanations.  This is a high school one.  Impressive.

Bose-Einstein Condensates  Outside Link

Physics Terms and the Yo-Yo

Newton's Laws Class Handout (3 Different Versions)

HyperPhysics  University of Georgia program linking all basics physics together with easy to follow concept maps.  Good Stuff

HyperPhysics Pendulum

HyperPhysics Circular Pendulum

NTNUJAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory
Enjoy the fun of physics with simulations!

The Mechanical Universe and Beyond  A video instructional series on physics for college and high school classrooms and adult learners by the Annenberg Foundation Circa 1985.   52 half hour episodes.

Scale of the Universe A cool interactive animation showing the very, very small and the very, very large. 

SIXTY SYMBOLS   Very interesting (way cool) explanations of physics symbols and concepts in 5 minute YouTube videos of interviews and demonstrations with the scientists at Nottingham University.  Their accents are a great addition to the fun.

Physics Tutorial on Motion The Physics Classroom.  A pretty good one covering kinematics terms, scalars and vectors, distance and displacement, speed and velocity, and acceleration. ...and that's just in lesson 1!

Design and Technology
This web site contains numerous information sheets and exercises to enhance the study, understanding and teaching of design and technology.   A lot of good information on electronics, forces, machines, graphics, gears and pulleys, product design, and more.

The Optics Course  Online optics course, easy and straight forward.

Thin Lens Handout adapted from The Optics Course

Thin Lens Demonstration (Java)

Geometric Optics Applet

Optical Devices
A simple and useful web page on lenses especially geared to astronomy--interesting

Refraction Tank MOV

Willebrord Snell was a Dutch mathematician who is best known for the law of refraction, a basis of modern geometric optics; but this only become known after his death when Huygens published it.

Lorentz Forces Magnetic Force on a moving charged particle.

Newtons Cradle
One Ball
Two Balls movie
Impulse Pendulum movie

Atwood Machine Applet

Atwood Machine MOV

Motion Up an Inclined Plane MOV

Einstein online
From E=mc² to the atomic bomb

What does the C stand for?

Electrostatic Applets (needs Java)

Model of Electrical Resistance MOV

Dr Quantum on Youtube
Particle and wave nature of matter

Dr Quantum Flatland   Dimensions (Youtube)

Nasa  Laws of Motion as applied to Rockets

Williams Class (Class Site) Newton's three laws of motion

Deeper Explanation  of the Laws of Motion

Vector Addition Applet

Graphing Vector Calculator

Ballastic Applet Shoot the Target

YouTube Videos Newton's Three Laws

Laws of Motion Rap

First Law
Demo Karate Move
Inertia Hoop

Second Law
Demo Karate Move

Third Law
Demo Karate Move

Three Lectures by Hans Bethe
In 1999, legendary theoretical physicist Hans Bethe delivered three lectures on quantum theory.

MIT Open Courses Physics

MIT Open Courseware Classical Mechanics  35 Lectures

MIT Open Courseware Electricity and Magnetism 36 Lectures

MIT Open Courseware Vibrations and Waves 23 Lectures

Dr. Hoselton's Physics page  A wealth of information


Labs & Graphs

Graphs: How not to lose points on them.


Presentations & Demonstrations

Flinn Chemical Demonstration Guidelines Good general info on doing chemical demonstrations.


Academic Standards & OGT

New Ohio Science Standards for Physical Science Course  2011

Ohio Academic Standards: 9th Grade Physical Science: Benchmarks and Indicators (pdf)

OGT Science Vocabulary List (Use the words three times and they are yours.)

Practice Tests, Released Questions and Resources for all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test


Science Olympiad

Ohio Science Olympiad

National Science Olympiad

Mr. King's Science Olympiad Page


Interesting Places (to me)

Astronomy Picture of the Day--Prepare to be amazed. News and Interesting space related stuff.

100 Top YouTube Science Videos Picked by a teacher for her class.



Classroom Policies in Mr King's Science Class

Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies in Mr King's Science Class


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