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Retest Assignments to Prepare Yourself For a Retest.

Hypnotoad instructs you to

2014-2015 Physical Science

You have 1 week after you know your score to take your retest.

Turn in Specific Retest Assignments 1 day before you want to take your retest so it can be graded for comprehension. 

You may be asked to revise poorly understood work before being allowed to retest.  No incomplete submissions--Do It All.  

Generic Retest Assignment:
If you have not been given a specific retest assignment, do the following: Correct your test during an extra help period, Study from it, complete all undone homework and turn them in with the corrections the day you take your retest.  Be prepared to orally answer a few questions over the material to show that you have studied. 

Quarter 2

Chapter 4 Atoms Summative Re-Test Ticket

Due Monday 11/10 by end of the day.

Textbook Review Questions
Pg 118: 1-5
Pg 127: 1-8, 11, 13, 16
Pg 132: 6, 7
Pg 138: 3-8


Quarter 1

Chapter 2 Summative Test    Complete before the Retest:

Vocabulary Homework Must be Totally Complete and Correct--Memorize it.

Complete these problems from the book:

Turn in completed and correct book work one day before you want to take your retest.

Science Math Test 1                                                                                
Show me your completed Science Math Rules Worksheet and show me that you KNOW them. I will probably ask you to recite them before a retest to show that you are ready.

Go to Science Math Help Links   Read all Documents with 3 stars***   Print and Place them in your notebook if you do not already have them.
Study the The Scientific Notation document very carefully.
Print out the Practice Worksheet
           Do it and show me all your work--not just the answers.

Chapter 1 Test Concepts:                                      
You have the Practice Test, the Work Sheets and your Book--Use Them. Turn in your Worksheets for grading and an oral question and answer.