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Welcome to the new and awesome Physics, we are a work of genius in progress--You are too.

This is an algebra/trig based conceptual class with a preference toward hands-on building while learning.  Each year we strive to do New and Creative projects in the field of Physics, as such there is a large experimental component to my class. 

We will also participate in the ACT End of Course Exam, thus we will cover all the material for this exam in both experimental and traditional problem solving methods. 

Current Due Dates for Tests and Homework

Semester 2
Quarter 4

5/17 ACT EOY Exam

4/29 Chapter 14 Summative Test

4/22 Chapter 13 Summative Test

4/11 Chapter 11-12 Summative Test

4/1 Chapter 10 Summative Test

Quarter 3

3/10 Chapter 9 Test.

2/29 Energy Project Finish.

2/19 Chapter 8 Summative Test

1/22 Chapter 6-7 Summative Test

1/7 Chapter 5 Summative Test


Semester 1
Quarter 2

12/17 2nd Quarter SCA

12/10 Chapter 4 Summative Test

12/3 Chapter 3 Summative Test

11/24 Ramp Lab Due

11/19 Chapter 2 Summative Test

11/13 Circuit Project Due

11/9 Ch 36-37 Summative Test

10/30 Ch 35 Summative Test


Quarter 1

10/16 SCA

10/14 Ch 34 Summative Test

10/2 Chapter 33 Summative Test

9/24 Chapter 32 Summative Test

9/18 Heat engine effeciency exercise due.

9/11 Ch 22-23 Summative Test

9/3 Summative Ch. 21 Test.

8/21 Temperature of a Flame Lab Exercise

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Grading Policy:
Detailed Description at this link

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You have 1 week after you know your test score to retest.  You need your Retest Assignments completed and handed in one day before you take the retest.

Lesson Plans

Good Luck Seniors

Mon: Sleep In, Play.

Tues: Sleep In, Mow.

Wed: Sleep In, Wash clothes.

Thurs: Sleep In, Plan a trip to the ________, Pack and bring extra clean underware.

Fri: Start your Adventure.

Old Lesson Plans

Grade Updates
You are responsible for keeping track of your grades and for keeping all graded assignments when handed back.  I will help you do this by having your grades updated every other week on average in the computer and I will give an unofficial progress report approximately one week before the Official Progress Reports and quarter grades come out.   This way you can see where you are with your work before your parents decide to ground you for the rest of your life for low grades







Electrical Circuits 1-100

Electrical circuits 101-200


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