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New Grading Policy Started 8/26/11   Edited 9/5/16

Science Grading Policy

In alignment with best practices pursued by our school's administration, 80% of your grade each quarter will be based on approximately 2 to 4 summative tests (grouped chapter tests and course final), and 1 to 3 summative lab exercises and lab reports.   The other 20% of your quarter's grade will be from a Content Standards assessment. 
Formative assessments and exercises will occur weekly, if not daily, and be used solely to guide your mastery of the class material, the Ohio Content Standards, and the ACT Core standards depending on the class.

Summative assessments will test what you have mastered in my class and count toward your grade, and Formative assessments will be used as practice and guides, and will not affect your final grade.

The major changes is that your grade will be based on fewer assessments, and you will have a much longer time to practice your skills before you take them.  It is my sincere hope and plan, that this change in the grading policy will have two positive results.

I think that this grading policy will prove to be greatly beneficial. 

Class Grades

Regular Class Labs and Tests will account for 80% of your grade.  During the quarter, grades will be entered as they are earned to present a clear picture of what you are accomplishing in my class.  Retesting will be offered outside of normal class time and often requires additional review work to qualify.  Your grade on your assessment will be the best grade you have received.  If you ace the retest then that's the grade I enter. 

Many tests will offer a retest with the exception of the end of quarter SCA (short cycle assessment). The SCA is a review test and the material has been seen before. To be eligible to take a retest, you must do the remedial work to master the material. Often this is listed on the class web site and/or in the classroom. Turn this work in a day prior to taking the retest.  Retests need be made up within a week of learning your grade for that assessment.

Regular End of Quarter Grades: At the end of the 1st and 3rd quarter, I will be following a 50% floor policy. That means that 50% will be lowest grade I will enter for an individual score when I am calculating the quarter's final grade.  All Summative grades lower than 50% at the end will be raised to 50% for the final calculation.  The rationale here is that there is a 10% range between all of the passing grades and a 60% range for failure.  A 50% floor for failure corrects this discrepancy and gives struggling students incentive to improve. 
Physics students must retest failed material to be eligible for the 50% bump.  If they fail to retest, then their grade for that assessment will stand as it was originally graded.

Final Content Standards Test (Short Cycle Assessment) will account for 20% of your grade.
A test covering the content standards for each section of this course will be given at the end of each quarter.  There will be a 50% failure floor. Most of the material for this test will come from previously administered tests and from questions that directly relate to the Ohio Content Standard for Physical Science.

All Summative work must be turned in before I can issue a final grade for my class.  If you are missing part of the summative work when final grades are due, you will be given a zero for the missing work and issued your grade with a note on your report card that you have missing work.  Failure to have the work completed will result  in behavior consequences and the possibly of not getting credit for my class.   

Notes on Class Work Load
It is very important to realize that this will not change the work load in my class.  We will continue to have weekly lab exercises, regular activities, worksheets, and quizzes as we normally did.  The difference is that most of these will now be formative in nature--we will review our answers right away and use them as study guides and preparation for the larger summative tests and labs that will follow.  Some of these formative exercises will be recorded to track your class progress, but they will not be used to determine your final class grade. Only the larger summative assessments will be used for that.  This is NOT an excuse to not do your homework.

Notes on Class Discipline
Even though this formative class work will not directly affect your grade, it is still required work for my class.  Refusing to do this formative class work, or choosing not to start the work in a timely fashion, is a behavior issue.  Refusing work will result in immediate referral for discipline.  Wasting class time will be referred to the administration for discipline after 3 minor incidences, which is similar to the school's tardy policy.

Notes on Accommodations
If you normally have tests read by a specialist, this will continue for all Summative tests that affect your grade. Formative quizzes and assessments will not normally be read to you. Help will be available, but these are practice assessments to be corrected immediately and provide instant feedback. Once corrected, most of these formative assessments will be kept in your science notebook (or notes on them) so they may aid in your preparation for the summative tests that will count toward your final grade in my class. All accommodations will be available for all summative tests and labs, and these accommodations will be the primary responsibility of our specialists.

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