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Physical Science Course Finals  Test Preparation    

My finals are mostly taken from the chapter quizzes and they include the Short Cycle Assessment questions in the same overall test.  The SCA questions are straightforward questions that cover your knowledge of the content standards for that quarter.  Often, students do better on the SCA than on their class final which includes everything we have covered in our textbook and/or class above and beyond the minimal standards. 

End of Quarter Finals are not eligible for a retest--these are all review questions. It will have a 50% floor, is worth 20% of your grade, and will be averaged in to the rest of your grades. They will be the size of approximately 1 to 2 chapter tests. 

To Repeat: Standards Based Short Cycle Assessments are not eligible for a retest, but will have a 50% Floor. This is worth 20% of your grade each quarter.