Robotics 2016-2017 2nd Semester

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Robotics--We Make Things Smart

    Maybe we could do something like this?

3d Printer Page       Helpful 3D Printing Links
Makerbot Replicator 1 and MakerGear M2: So cool, it needed its own space.

General Course Description:

Some Helpful Links

Instructables the Mac Daddy of ideas and how to do them.


Bionic Arduino

Instructables Arduino Class



Building Projects and Idea Links  Help me add to this.

Transistor Circuit Plans Links

Remember, This is a NO INJURY ZONE

When dealing with electricity or other potentially dangerous forces or objects--Use your head. 

As with any science experiments, Stay Alert and Proceed with Caution.  Most accidents are a combination of small, innocent looking things that by themselves look harmless, but together become big and dangerous. 

The best accident is the one that NEVER happened. 

Check it out with an expert or the adult in charge to be very sure you will be safe and injury free.

We call our class lab space:
. stands for Science Contraptions and Amazing Machines.  This describes our activities and captures the spirit of the Robotics Class pretty accurately.


Class Starts in January


Lesson Plans


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