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Have You Mastered These Science Math Skills?

Science Skills Check List.

Science Skills and Science Math Help Links

What's Coming Up and What's Due

Quizzes, Assignments, and Homework Due Dates
Class work is generally not listed here--see lesson plans for class work details.  (Some class work becomes homework when we run out of time and is not listed here.  For example: Labs are to be written up at home if not accomplished during class.)

Semester 2 Physics & Space Science

Quarter 4
Quarter 3

First Semester: Chemistry

Quarter 2
Quarter 1

Are You Sick or Absent?   Here is what you can do.  

Grading Policy:
Detailed Description at this link
Remember: Incomplete Summative Lab Exercises will Not be Accepted.  Use the Rubrics and Check Lists that I provide to make sure you have done everything I require before handing it in to me.  I will only grade your lab when it is completely finished and correctly done.  (Then of course, you will have a good grade.)

Have your Science Notebooks in class and be prepared each day--notebook, pencil/pen, paper. 

Links of Interest                         Links Page  

Course Finals  Test Preparation Helpful information for my end of quarter tests.

Kahn Academy Over 2,400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

100 Top YouTube Science Videos Picked by a teacher for her class.

New Physical Science Standards Coming

Here is a cool Scale of the Universe interactive.  Check out the way they wrote scientific notation and some of the metric prefixes.

Classroom Policies

Science Quotes Page  

Reading the Textbook
I expect you to read each chapter we work on.  If you don't have any assigned homework, you can always be reading the current chapter. 
  • Read the chapter and take notes on it.  Summarize your notes.
  • Ask me to clarify anything you don't understand in class. 
  • Reading the chapter before I talk about it in class is the surest way to gaining a good understanding of the material.

I also have Guided Reading MP3s for the whole textbook.  If you want to borrow one, let me know. Just load it in a MP3 player and open your book.  It follows the text exactly.  Listening, reading, and writing will push your understanding of this course well into the passing range.

Science Text Books
Your textbook should be at home.  I will ask you to bring them to school when we need them.  We have a class set.  You can borrow a book for study halls any time you want. If you want to bring your book to and from school, put a cover on it for protection.

Course Finals  Test Preparation

Helpful information for the each quarter's Finals and the Standards Based Short Cycle Assessment (20% of each quarter's grade)

 News & Plans

9th Grade Blizzard Bag Link







Old Lesson Plans

Grade Updates
You are responsible for keeping track of your grades and for keeping all graded assignments when handed back.  I will help you do this by having your grades updated every other week on average in the computer and I will give an unofficial progress report approximately one week before the Official Progress Reports and quarter grades come out.   This way you can see where you are with your work before your parents decide to ground you for the rest of your life for low grades

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