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MakerGear M2: So cool, it needed its own space.


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Class work is generally not listed here--see lesson plans for class work details.  (Some class work becomes homework when we run out of time and is not listed here.  For example: Labs are to be written up at home if not accomplished during class.)

Semester 2 Robotics

Quarter 4
Quarter 3

First Semester: Mechanisms and Drives

Quarter 2


Quarter 1

Linkage Mechanism Designer and Simulator Program


1. Using the Linkage program and the 3 video tutorials, build the 3 mechanisms in a single window and save it to you school drive as nameLinkageTutorial123

2. When you are finished with the tutorials, build a design of your own creation that uses 2 or more motors, that would mimic the motion of a sunflower rising and following the sun across the sky, then lowering its head. Save it to you school drive as nameLinkageSunflower1 Other ideas are permissible.

Prepare to share it and describe your design choices with the class.


Linkage Program Page:

David Rector's Blog Page With Descriptions

Documentation and Instruction


Linkage 3.3 User's Guide (pdf)

Video (YouTube)

Linkage Mechanism Designer and Simulator Tutorial 1

Linkage Tutorial #2: Sliding Connections

Linkage Program Tutorial: Peaucellier–Lipkin Straight Line Mechanism


Linkage: All David Rector YouTube Videos


Remember, This is a NO INJURY ZONE

When dealing with electricity or other potentially dangerous forces or objects--Use your head. 

As with any science experiments, Stay Alert and Proceed with Caution.  Most accidents are a combination of small, innocent looking things that by themselves look harmless, but together become big and dangerous. 

The best accident is the one that NEVER happened. 

Check it out with an expert or the adult in charge to be very sure you will be safe and injury free.

We Have No Dedicated Lab Space Anymore, The art room took over the entire space. Just some storage in building 3.

It was called
. stands for Science Contraptions and Amazing Machines.  This describes our activities and captures the spirit of the Mech & Drives Class pretty accurately.


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