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YouTube Video Ad for Weird Science Carnival and Rube Goldberg Machine Contest


What do Generator Duels, Chair of Nails, and the Pendulum Flinch Challenge have to do with Science? Well we’re glad you asked, they are all at the
Carnival of Weird Science happening on Saturday February 4 from 10am to 2 pm-ishness. 

Warren High School Cafeteria 130 Warrior Drive, Vincent Ohio, 45784

           4 hours of Amazement

                    √ 4 Hours of Shocks and Surprises

                                √ 4 Hours of Odd Behavior

                                            √ And As Many Bathroom Breaks as You Need! 


To top it all off, there will be a RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST happening AT THE SAME TIME! Yes I said, AT THE SAME TIME!   Watch the CRAZY MACHINE CONTRAPTIONS go through more than 20 steps to simply BLOW UP A BALLOON AND POP IT! Watch them compete for the honor of being chosen to go to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

The Weird Science Carnival will HAVE IT ALL!Weird Science Entertainment ♦ Weird Science Competition ♦ Weird Science Food and Snacks ♦ And of course, Bathroom Breaks—as many as you need!



PDF Flyer #2 Version for Printing B&W, No Pictures, Partial List of Booths   Below

Spread The News: The Weird Science Carnival is coming on Saturday, February 4th 2012 to Warren High School Cafeteria: 10 am to 2 pm

Warren High School 130 Warrior Drive, Vincent Ohio, 45784

At the same time and place we will be running a registered High School Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.

We will have events and booths aimed at all ages. Many will require tickets to participate and many will be free. All the booths will be interesting and exciting and the events will be science oriented fun with the theme of Weird Science. Food and snacks will be available for purchase. This year, the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest’s mission is to blow up a balloon and pop it in a minimum of 20 steps within a contraption no bigger than 6ft by 6ft. Humorous and bizarre building is the theme of a Rube Goldberg Machine, drawing inspiration from the famous Rube Goldberg Machines of comics. They will be setting up and running their machines for the judges during the early part of the carnival.


Some of the events and booths are indeed weird. Here are some of the over 40 booths and displays that will be at the Weird Science Carnival.


Weird Science Carnival Saturday, February 4th

Warren High School Cafeteria 10 am to 2 pm

Warren High School 130 Warrior Drive, Vincent Ohio, 45784