(I fell behind)

5/2013 First SCAM Lab project off the ground: The blinking Bow Tie.  3D designed and printed, adapted Joule thief circuit powering 2 blue LEDs powered by a 1.5 AAA battery.  Now to package it with verbose overblown hype.  The SCAM Lab way.  Pictures coming soon. 

2/20/2013 SCAM Lab: MakerSpace Open House February 20th, 2013  Was a Success--at least no injuries and nothing really broken badly. We had our visiting dignitaries, guys off the street, parents, and group members, with show and tell, hands-on activities, 3d printing, a therimin, the egg-bot, Raspberry Pi, Game creation demo, robot building, great snacks, Lego Rubics Cube solver, and our ping pong ball launcher among other strange behaviors.

1/23/2013 Just us builders today, both us and the science olympiad group, Good day. The robot arm is looking good, planning for the Feb. 20 Open house discussed and project were brainstormed.  Victoria's Scratch game is coming along nicely, so is Lillian's sign.  Brady back to work on the tilted twister and we suspect that Stuart is actually a robot.  Chelsy is working with SketchUp to design for the 3d printer, Wilson is still a bit sick but made an appearance to make us happy.

1/16/2013 Busy Science Olympiad day--they kind of over ran us.  I will see about just having the actual S.O. builders show up on Wed and the researchers come another day. We did what we did--progress on all fronts, just not a lot of progress. No Mitch today as our Mascot and friend, Wilson, was sick.

1/9/2013 Stuart has an excellent beginning on the Robot arm, Lillian has our sign coming along, Brady is working on the tilted twister, Victoria is creating a Scratch game and is building her sprites, Drew has found the spot welder and needs to be watched, Zach may be a new builder if he survives the metal tools.

1/2/2013  Science Olympiad invasion begins.  We are sharing our space with the science olympiad builders who in Stuart's, Chelsy and Wyatt's case are one and the same. 

12/19/2012 Christmas Hack and Party--making toys that should never be made.  We're not Santa's Elves.

12/12/2012 Puttering around, doing what we do.  3D Printer computer to go to linux--some issues with the old hardware.  We will play with it.

12/5/2012 More straightening and now more culling of needed vs. unneeded equipment.  New addition of grinder/wire wheel to tools coming--especially useful in cleaning up rusty equipment--Face shield mandatory.  Mitch is putting Linux on one of the used computers to run the Replicator. Destruction and harvesting parts continues, more plans for the dental bot.  Locomotion is a prime concern--Come with ideas next week. 

12/1/2012 Saturday 2pm, meet at makerspace to video our audition for possible tv show episode of American Maker.

11/7, 14, 21, 28/2012  Kind of got behind so here it is in one lump: The last month we have been puttering around putting the Makerspace into shape, sorting the vex robot parts, sorting the inherited tools and materials--lots more work there, installed the second air vent--needs more work: some back flow when its own fan is on.  We now have a spot welder!  We always had it but I just uncovered it and tested it. Polymer clay is still popular and Stewart is getting really good at soldering along with Brady. Victoria, Lillian, and Chelsy have their Sock Monkeys and there is still the odd injured doll around as another mascot. The Replicator is now mobile thanks to Mrs Pettebone trading us a rolling cabinet for a stationary one, and for a small fume hood I found a couple years ago at a thrift store.  Needs a smaller computer to run it but I just picked up one and it is going to be set up running linux. Mitch is a linux administrator along with his other electronic and programming talents.  We need a Mitch Appreciation Day.  Wyatt now has the brains of the DentalBot talking to each other and we now will start the hardware conversion by articulating the arms.  This will be a Huge Learning Process but we are up to it.  Can't Wait!  Time to get some corporate sponsors.  Successfully printed a squirrel (Where???) and a skull coin bank.  The bank had some tricky bits to it--we need to learn how to adapt the builds better.  Both look great!  Turns out, pvc glue works good on abs.  Needed to glue the skull together.

10/31/2012 Makerbot is fun!  Still learning the program and having fun with scaling.  Making whistles with different sizes and tones.  Sock Monkeys are looking good and the machinery that makes them move is coming along.  Instead of the sock monkey massacre it may have to be the Cornucopia of Sock Monkeys for Thanksgiving.

10/24/2012 More success with the Makerbot 3D printer--we are getting good.  Computer is updated and working the control program and we are learning the software as we learn the hardware.
New/old sewing machine find--works great.  It even drew blood on Lillian's knuckle as she turned the stitch selector knob. This is a NO INJURY ZONE.  The sewing machine may not have known that but it knows it now.  We taped up the sharp edge. Wyatt had some success on the Dental Bot brains--I think he may be a zombie.

10/17/2012  Makerbot Repaired and running! Our stand alone computer needs tons of updates to run the control program.   Microwave magnet harvesting and planning the halloween build. Built the fume vents to carry away the plastic smells of the makerbot--works good.  Need to expand it for soldering.  Who would have thought that hand sewing the scary halloween dolls could be so dangerous.  Chelsy stuck her leg with a sewing needle. 

10/10/2012 Closed for parent/teacher conferences.

10/3/2012 Sewing kit purchased, polymer clay oven test, making skeleton bones--need to get a timer to guard against over cooking the clay.
First trial of the 3d printer was unsuccessful.  Three aborted attempts but we found the culprit.  The Y axis stepper motor was intermittently malfunctioning and finally quit after about 5 minutes of use.  I have been in touch with MakerBot and after some testing of the wire harness and control module, they came to the same conclusion and a new motor is on it's way! Positive fume venting (soldering irons) is the thrust for the week, but no Makerspace next week due to parent/teacher conference.
DentalBot brains still in development but our wireless connection at the school is not cooperating.

9/26/2012  Metal working tools uncovered and bolted to the tables--still need power to the small mill. Electronics Class continued with enough space to spread out.  3d printer arrived and set up--first print next week as we research how to work it.  CAD software installed on the programming computer.  Dental Bot Brains still under construction and look like old laptops.  Who knew? 

9/19/2012 Much work has gone into the MakerSpace and we now have something we can use but there is a lot of sorting needed.  Desks in, and we now have stools for the electronics bench.  Work on the Dental Bot Brains Started.  Organizing first Project--Sock Monkey Massacre--Halloween scare.  Sewing machines and polymer clay oven brought in. 

9/12/2012 Basic Electronics Class Started, Need more desks. Exhaust fan mounted to the window. 

9/4/2012 Sorting and Planning what to do with our new space. Looking for all the electronics kits we inherited from the industrial arts program.  We are in debt to their equipment and supplies.

8/29/2012 First Meeting--Good Work Destructing and building to get the MakerSpace up and running. A long way to go but we are on our way.

8/15/2012 Bought electronics benches at OU auction and delivered.  We have most of the resources now we need to organize it. Now all we need is work.