Old News from Science Builders Group


Another School year is over!  We will miss you Wyatt and Lillian come back to visit as much as you can. 

Next year's plans are ambitious.  SCAM Lab Development in the works, Circuit Projects parts already purchased, 3d development will continue, Looking for money to get a laser cutter, The Dental Bot Will ROll!

We were in the news! Twice! Marietta Times and The Sunday Parkersburg paper.  Great article.

1/27/13 New Affiliation: SCAM Lab.  I think this captures our spirit well.  

New page for the 3D Printer

Maker's Quotes to Inspire

First SketchUp Project Instructions Here

SCAM Lab: MakerSpace Open House February 20th, 2013  Was a Success--at least no injuries and nothing really broken badly. We had our visiting dignitaries, guys off the street, parents, and group members, with show and tell, hands-on activities, 3d printing, a therimin, the egg-bot, Raspberry Pi, Game creation demo, robot building, great snacks, Lego Rubics Cube solver, and our ping pong ball launcher among other strange behaviors.

12/19/2012 Christmas toy hack went well.  some of the toys were awesome!

12/2/2012 Uploaded video for audition and all I can say is that it is a good representation of our group as it stands with only improvements to come.  Good job all.  I was impressed.

11/29/2012 Got a call asking us if we wanted to audition for a TV show tentatively called "American Makers".  How cool is that--I wonder how they found us?  I did answer an ad looking for makers last March but it was with another group.  We are getting together Saturday to video something to send to them.  Wild party at the makerspace on Saturday (well, as wild as we get).  From what I gather they just want to see us in action.  We lost many of our talented builders to colleges last year, and we are a new group, but already I see solid strengths and talent and we certainly have that awkward nerd vibe going for us.  We are shaping up to be a very capable group of mad geniuses. 

11/26/2012 Making the 3d printer mobile! Need to show it off and generate interest.  It's living in my physics room 303 now.  Still learning how to use it but getting good. 

10/17/2012 Computer updated and running ReplicatorG for the 3d printer.  Successful prints are becoming the norm.

10/10/2012 3D printer fixed but acting wild--need control software working but computer is old and out of date.

10/3/2012  3D Printer.  Bad stepper motor thwarted our efforts but a new one is on the way.

9/26/2012  3D Printer Arrived and assembled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we need to see how it works!