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12/1/2012 Improvements.


3D printer is Mobile!


Practicing Soldering on these old Warbot Kits  Some of them shook themselves apart.


Rember Ben the robot from Treasure Planet?  Another trift store find.


New Fume Hood--yes it's a stove hood that cleaned up nice--still some back wash of air--need to fix that.


MakerSpace Circa 10/25/2012
Almost there, Still a lot of sorting and improvements to go, but we have a working space and I am very pleased with the results so far.


Space to Work


Replicator Bench--Temporary fume hood

Our Newest Tool for Creativity: A 3D Printer! We are having a grand time learning how to run it and the mechanical drawing class will be writing to it soon as part of their class curriculum.  How's that to justify a FANTASTIC TOOL. 

So 3D printed pieces--Just tests at this point as we refine our skills.

Our "new" sewing machine that was reciently saved from the garbage.
We are building most of our MakerSpace out of university auction spoils, second hand store finds, cast off machinery, and trash cans.  We take pride in this recycling behavior.


Still loads of sorting to go.  Making Stuff takes a lot of raw materials which we mine from cast off appliances and surplus equipment we find or scavage.

We are an eye protection manditory zone now, not just when we are running machinery.


Metal working tools, Need it for robot building. Our big shear for sheet metal.



Box brake, edge brake, and anvil.

Our drill/mill--Just got the power in for it.

Sander and we have a buffer not pictured.

Here is the MakerSpace in use circa 9/26/2012 as we were just starting.

Electronic class getting started.  Dental Bot in the far background.

Chelsey testing out the shear after she helped assemble it.


Earlier Pics of Mess with a Vision.

Storage shelf started last May

Old Industrial Arts tools still under wraps

Look: cool electronics benches--almost presentable

Look, you can see the floor!