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   Makerbot Replicator 1 and Now the MakerGear M2 8/24/2016

Scam Lab 3d Printer Page 

A Work of Mad Genius in Progress
-- Now with More Powerful (and fun) Tools
Truly a Revolution in the "Making".  We are on the ground floor of an amazing time in manufacturing.  I am excited to be here now. 

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Makerbot and Replicator 1 Links --Adding MakerGear M2 Info


We Are SCAM LAB--We Make Things

One of my goals is to go from vague concept to finished product packaged to be sold on the web. 

From brainstorming to concept development, research, prototyping, advertising, packaging, to sales.

From my vast pseudo-science files, I have my first scam, I mean product, in mind.  This will be too much fun. 

Proceeds will go to buy us more builders toys and supplies--a worthy cause especially because it's us.  

SCAM LAB Pictures from our humble beginnings

Wish List: 

PLA and ABS filament as well as Nylon and other types of raw materials for our printer.  Still experimenting with new ways and things to print.  Prices range from $35 to $80 a spool.  Some of it means upgrading our machine.  Or... possibly new machines.

A RepRap Kit:  It's time to start making our own 3d printers.  If you are not familiar with the RepRap project, check this out: RepRap.  I was investigating this 5 years ago and was very impressed with the idea of home grown 3d printing.  Our Makerbot is an outgrowth of the open source RepRap project.  Now we need to take it and print the parts to make our own.  Still, the hardware we need to buy will be $600 or so which is still about 1/4 of the price of our Makerbot Replicator 1.  (Last year's AT&T STEM grant paid for that and made the movie we we were part of on the Makerspace page.)   After we build a kit we will see how much more of the hardware we can make ourselves.

A 3D Scanner similar to this one: NextEngine 3D Scanner HD approximately 3k.  Makerbot also has one in development called the Digitizer.

Remember, This is a NO INJURY ZONE

When dealing with electricity or other potentially dangerous forces or objects--Use your head.  As with any science experiments, Stay Alert and Proceed with Caution.  Most accidents are a combination of small, innocent looking things that by themselves look harmless, but together become big and dangerous.  The best accident is the one that NEVER happened.  Check it out with an expert or the adult in charge to be very sure you will be safe and injury free.

Makerbot 1 History

3/15/2013 New (to us) computer to run the MakerBot thanks to Steve Rhode of North Carolina.  He heard of our needs and sent us 3 Windows 7 dual cores.  We can make good use of them. THANKS, YOU ROCK!

3/15/13 We are setting about improving our controls and fixing some of our machine's design shortcomings.  The beauty of open source hardware is that we are all improving the machine together.  Some sweet improvements are out there to try.  Going to try a new firmware to improve the speed, and improve the filament feeding mechanism to eliminate the still mostly uncommon (but growing) feed errors we have had in the past. 

3/1/13 Contemplating building a RepRap--Might as well start the 3d revolution in our area here!  I would like to see all of our group eventually have our own.  We will start with a kit and fabricate from there.  Money???  We don't have any.  Start thinking about some fundraising ideas.

2/20/13 Open house showcased our Replicator and as luck would have it, we had some feed errors that slowed us down.  Nothing major just annoying.  Had to fix it twice, but it was an easy fix. 

1/24/13 the spools have come in and we can start up again. 

1/16/13 Can you believe it, we have run out of ABS plastic--not technically, there is about 2 feet left on each spool but not enough to do a project.  I have ordered 4 more rolls Black White, Red, and Blue.

I have noticed a USB connectivity issue with the replicator.  If I turn on the fume hood vent fan while it is operating, the computer looses conectivity with the replicator and just stops--the build is trashed. Sometimes it just does it by its self.  I will put in a separate USB pci card and run it from that.  It's an old computer. 

12/19/12 Some modifications on the 3d printer includes cutting a fan vent in the side and remounting the board cooling fan to pull air through.  We are also noticing that the step-struder cooling fans are making alot of noise--wearing out so soon???!  We lubed them with oil and they sound better but maintenance parts might be needed soon.

12/1/12 Finished! New Mobile 3D printer--now we can take it on the road to play and impress people.  The fume hood was necessary because melted ABS plastic STINKS.

11/26/2012 Making the 3d printer mobile! Need to show it off and generate interest.  It's living in my physics room 303 now.  Still learning how to use it but getting good. 

10/17/2012 Computer updated and running ReplicatorG for the 3d printer.  Successful prints are becoming the norm.

10/10/2012 3D printer fixed but acting wild--need control software working but computer is old and out of date.

10/3/2012  3D Printer.  Bad stepper motor thwarted our efforts but a new one is on the way.

9/26/2012  3D Printer Arrived and assembled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we need to see how it works!


3d Printer News

8/24/2016 New MakerGear M2 Printer arrival.

16-17 School Year
New Classes to use our 3D Printers: Mechanisms & Drives, and Robotics.


Email Mr King   Or Call Him at 678-2393 ex 3303
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