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We Are A Maker Group--We Make Things.

    Maybe we could do something like this?

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Makerbot Replicator 1:
So cool, it needed its own space.

Welcome to the innovative and awesome Science Builders Group, we are a work of Mad Genius in Progress.  

We now have a name for our Makerspace:
SCAM Lab "We Make Ideas..."
. also stands for Science Contraptions and Amazing Machines.  This describes our activities and captures the spirit of the Science Builders Group pretty accurately. 

We are the first affiliates!

Some Helpful Links

MakerSpace Pictures from our humble beginnings to current state of the space.

Old Science Builder's Page  Old information and pictures when we weren't as cool.

Building Projects and Idea Links  Help me add to this.

NEA STEM Video (Part 1)   Why Students Love STEM: Appalachian Ohio Public High Schools - Part I
Many of you participated in this last year.  You were great--I was frightened.  Caleb Cooks did a great job and edited it to our strengths--He even made me look ok!

NEA STEM Video (Part 2) Why Students Love STEM: Appalachian Ohio Public High Schools - Part I
This is not about us but our WEIRD SCIENCE CARNIVAL was the filler between the other interviews--Hmmm we are pretty awesome!

NewsPaper Article featuring US!   February 27th 2013
Very good article.

Maker's Quotes to Inspire

First SketchUp Project Instructions Here

SCAM Lab Meeting Log 2013-2014

9/4/2013 First meeting of the school year.  In attendance:



Old Logs

2012-2013 Log

Current Projects

May, 2013

First SCAM Lab project off the ground: The blinking Bow Tie.  3D designed and printed, adapted Joule thief circuit powering 2 blue LEDs powered by a 1.5 AAA battery.  Now to package it with verbose overblown hype.  The SCAM Lab way.  Pictures coming soon. 


Remember, This is a NO INJURY ZONE

When dealing with electricity or other potentially dangerous forces or objects--Use your head. 

As with any science experiments, Stay Alert and Proceed with Caution.  Most accidents are a combination of small, innocent looking things that by themselves look harmless, but together become big and dangerous. 

The best accident is the one that NEVER happened. 

Check it out with an expert or the adult in charge to be very sure you will be safe and injury free.

Decomp     Weird    Weird Flyer


Transistor Circuit Plans Links


Let the Genius and Foolishness Flow


Old News

An advertised Open Circuit Build with Pizza and transistors will be held to recruit new members soon.

This year's plans are ambitious.  SCAM Lab Development in the works, Circuit Projects parts already purchased, 3d development will continue, Looking for money to get a laser cutter, The Dental Bot Will ROll!



2012-2013 Another School year is over!  We will miss you Wyatt and Lillian come back to visit as much as you can. 


2012-2013 News


Email Mr King   Or Call Him at 678-2393 ex 1303
Last Updated: 5/4/14  (If I remembered to change this.)

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