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Note: Check Your Class Page Above for Assignment Due Dates.

The (not so) Secret Way to getting good grades in my class:

  1. Always bring your notebook and a pencil. Read the Chapter.  Your books should be at home so you always have it to study from. Tests and quizzes are created by the people who wrote the book. Always take notes in my class.  If I write it down, it's important and should be in your notes as well. Summarize your notes. If you are confused over the notes, look them up in your book for clarification. Ask questions in class over the confusing material.  I will explain it the best I can, but if you have not done the steps above, then you may still be confused. Do your homework to the best of your ability.  If it is confusing, review your notes or get out your book and reread that section, often there are examples.  Try to do it--Homework done poorly with effort is always worth more than homework left blank.  Always show your work in class problems and homework.  I will not know what you are doing wrong if I cannot see how you did it. Summative Tests: Use your Formative Tests, your Book and your Notes to Study.  Ask Questions during extra help periods before the day of the test. 
  2. Check the class web site weekly for information on due dates and current class topics.

To My Freshmen Students: (Seniors, you already know this.) My courses are not terribly easy, nor do I think they are terribly hard.  Science is a mixture of all your combined academic skills to this point.  It is regularly the toughest graded test for graduation. Warren regularly exceeds the the state averages in science scores. Elementary school science is about exploration, high school science is about mastery of the information, and exploration--If you are not studying, or do not know how to study, you will have a difficult time doing well in my class. Many straight "A" students in elementary school science will find my class a challenge.  Their thinking skills will be stretched. Often intelligent students have found school very easy and didn't really need to study often.  They are not in practice.  If they are really an "A" student, they will rise to this challenge.   

Some things to ponder in science class:

  • There are more new words than a first year foreign language (especially biology). You will use all your math skills and learn to apply them to the real world.
  • You will have to take your thinking skills to a new level and apply what you learned to solve complex problems.

I would like to make it easier for you to get the excellent grades you work hard to achieve. Sadly, few students get excellent grades without studying and doing their homework. The purpose of this web site is to communicate my expectations for you in my class, provide hints and tips, and to keep you informed of important information. 

Students are expected here and parents are welcome.


I do participate in Parent Assist but you will only see assignments there after they have been graded.  To see what is due from week to week, and to generally see what we are studying, check out the class page.


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New Ohio Science Standards for Physical Science Course Classroom Policies

  • Grade Criteria Progress Reports Unofficial Progress Reports Makeup Test sLate Work Lost or Missing Work Missing Work Grading Policy Science Text Books Extra Credit
  • Sick or Absent

Practice Tests, Released Questions and Resources for all sections of the older Ohio Graduation Test. Last year it was the PARCC test.  The State is changing this continually and I don't think this is current as of this year.  I will update this as I know.


Science Quotes Page


Physics and Physical Science Students--Check Your Individual Page.

Grade Updates
I will have your grades updated every other week on average in the computer and I will give an unofficial progress report after every major assessment. You will also get a progress report one week before the Official Progress Reports or quarter grades come out.   This way you can see where you are with your work before your parents decide to ground you for the rest of your life for low grades

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